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Infinity Hydration & Wellness Services

Serving Williamsport, PA and the greater Lycoming County

If you’re new to Infinity Hydration & Wellness or if you’re a monthly member, our services are carefully customized to address your wellness needs. Whether you’re looking to achieve physical, mental or emotional well-being – or a combination of all three – we have options for you. 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

  • Improve your brain health and cognitive function, including migraines and brain fog

  • Achieve a greater detox, including from heavy metal toxin exposure

  • Increase your daily energy levels

  • Boost your immune system so it can support you throughout the seasons

  • Find pain relief from ailments and inflammation

  • Feel better mentally and emotionally

  • Perform better as an athlete and reduce muscle soreness

  • Lose that nagging weight you can’t seem to get rid of

  • Fall asleep faster, sleep for longer and sleep more fully at night

  • Reduce symptoms from sickness or hangovers

  • And more!

You have health goals, we have options

Natural Beauty

Beauty Enhancement

Enhance your natural beauty and leave feeling confident and rejuvenated

Our suggestions:

Brain Health

Support your brain health, sharpen cognitive function and promote mental clarity

Writing a Sticky Note
Indoor Zumba Class

Energy Booster

Supercharge your energy levels so you can conquer each day

Our suggestions:


Heavy Metal Detox

Remove harmful toxins from your system

Our suggestions:

Image by Joel Filipe
Heavy Metal Detox
Floral Cloth Mask

Immune Support

Strengthen your body's defenses and stay resilient

Our suggestions:


Inflammation & Pain Relief

Find alleviation from discomfort

Our suggestions:

Image by Radu Florin
Happy Man

Mental Well-Being & Mood Enhancement

Relieve yourself from anxiety, bouts of depression and chronic stress

Our suggestions:


Muscle Recovery & Athletic Performance

Get back in action faster with accelerated muscle recovery and performance

Our suggestions:

Soccer Tricks
Physical Therapist

Post-Operative & Wound Healing

Heal more efficiently and effectively by supporting your body’s natural recovery process


Sleep Better

Finally achieve the restorative sleep you’ve been daydreaming about

Our suggestions:

Resting on Bed
Image by Mariah Hewines

Total Detoxification

Help your body cleanse and refresh

Our suggestions:


Weight Loss

Weight loss solutions to support your goals

Our suggestions:

Patient on Scale
Women Laughing on Couch

Not sure what's right for you?

Here are all of the services we currently offer…

5-Star Rating Google Reviews Logo Header

“Cannot wait to come back! So many options to explore. Laura was fantastic. I would encourage anyone to come here!” 

–Alexis N.

“Absolutely love this place. Everything you need for your wellness under one roof! The staff is knowledgeable and super friendly! Give it a try!”

–Jodi S.

“Staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. I always leave feeling so much better after my infusion. Thanks guys!!!”

– Terra S.

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